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Is Flight Mate, L.L.C. affiliated with any airlines?

No, Flight Mate, LLC is not affiliated with any airlines. Flight Mate works alongside airlines by allowing you to customize your flight further, ensuring that you have a pleasurable experience.

Will my seat selection be updated on Flight Mate, L.L.C. if I change my seat selection with my respective airline?

No, your seat selection does not automatically update on Flight Mate, LLC if changes are made by you or your respective airline. You will have to manually update your seat selection on Flight Mate, LLC.

Does the app only work for airlines that have assigned seating?

Flight Mate works ideally with airlines that have assigned seating, but you can always use 000 as your seat number as a placeholder to let other Flgith Mate users know you’re on that flight, further allowing you to connect, network, or socialize!

What if I have a bad experience with a Flight Mate?

Flight Mate, LLC takes the flight experience very seriously and encourages all users to report any negative encounters or feedback. All Flight Mate’s have the option of reporting or blocking users via the app. If matters are serious beyond reporting, Flight Mate, LLC will do everything possible to get law enforcement involved in resolving the issue. For any and all emergencies, Flight Mate’s are encouraged to also report suspicious behavior or activity to the airlines and law enforcement directly.

Do I have to upload my profile picture?

No, profile pictures are not required. Although a profile picture is appreciated by other Flight Mate’s, it is not mandatory and neither is any other information within the platform. We encourage Flight Mate’s only to provide information they are comfortable providing.

Does my Flight Mate social media handle have to include my name?

Although your Flight Mate social media handle has to be unique, it DOES NOT have to include your name. Your Flight Mate social media handle can be whatever you want it to be. Get as creative as you’d like!

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